Which Cloud VoIP Business Telephone System Solution Works
Best for Your Business?

National Telesystems gives Businesses VoIP Options to Best Serve Their Needs & Budget!


HYBRID VoIP Cloud Solutions


  1. Considerably less expensive than Hosted Cloud Options (ie. RingCentral, Vonage, SpectrumVoIP, Nextiva, etc.);
  2. “Bandwidth Optimizer” saves money every month;
  3. Easy-to-use phones;
  4. Uses low-cost VoIP service or low-cost analog/PRI lines;
  5. Flexible payment options to reduce monthly payments substantially;
  6. Optional Operating Expense or Capital Expense – Customer’s Choice!


  1. Equipment is billed separately from service (NOTE: the two invoices combined on Hybrid options almost always total considerably less than the one consolidated bill of Hosted Cloud).

HOSTED VoIP Cloud Solutions


  1. One bill to pay every month for both equipment & service;
  2. Good centralized option for companies with more than fifty (50) Nationwide Outlets (ie. major retail or restaurant chains);


  1. Much more expensive monthly than HYBRID Cloud Solutions;
  2. Expensive bandwidth “hog” as even interoffice calls in the same building have to go “through the cloud”;
  3. Like a rental contract, there is no end date – payments are into perpetuity.

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