Vodavi Starplus STS SP-3510-71 48-Button DSS Console

Product Code: VODSP351071-CHCL

*Available in Charcoal and Off-White

Add a DSS console and achieve an additional 48 buttons to support an attendant or answering position. This telephone console gives a telephone user the option to program the 48 buttons to be 1 touch access for intercom purposes from station to station, or easy one touch access to speed dialing. The 48-button Digital DSS Console is ideal for the receptionist to monitor Co-workers availability to receive new incoming calls and direct those calls to available staff. The Vodavi 48-button digital dss console can be used with any of the Triad S telephone Systems and well as any of the XTS phone systems.

More Information

  • 48 button add-on expansion module
  • Provides addition line or station buttons. Uses 1 station port on system

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