Vodavi infinite DVXplus Mach 1

The infinite DVXPlus digital system platform puts the world of communications possibilities at your fingertips.

All DVXPlus phones are CTI enabled. The systems were engineered to support computer telephony enabled applications.

DVXPlus Mach I is a compact and affordable flat-pack design – the perfect starting point for the organization needing up to 12 lines and 32 digital stations.

System Features

  • Least cost routing
  • Programmable toll restriction
  • SMDR
  • Off hook voice over
  • Directory dialing
  • Speed dialing
  • Last number redial
  • Answering machine emulation
  • DNIS
  • Caller ID integration
  • One touch record
  • E911 Alert
  • Flexible numbering

IN3011-71 Black, IN3011-08 Off White, With 6 fixed and 8 feature buttons plus a fully integrated speakerphone, this phone covers the basics.

IN3012-71 Black, IN3012-08 Off White, Enjoy the benefits of an LCD display and 3 soft keys in addition to the features of the 8-Button Basic Speakerphone.

IN3017-71 Black, IN3017-08 Off White, With all the features of our 30-Button Executive Speakerphone and the addition of full duplex audio capability, this phone is great for the hands-free executive or the conference room.

IN3015-71 Black, IN3015-08 Off White, Ideal for the executives and receptionists, this phone offers 12 fixed and 30 feature buttons plus 3 interactive soft keys.

IN3016-71 Black, IN3016-08 Off White, Elite Large Screen Display This telephone is our top-of-the-line business communications solution. This advanced and easy-to-use telephone is equipped with 12 fixed buttons and 30 flexible feature buttons. Additionally, the oversized 7×16 LCD display provides easy access to the interactive feature menu, which offers one-touch access to several commonly used features. These include Do Not Disturb, Last Number Redial, Voice Mail, Speed Dial, Directory and more.

IN3010-71 Black, IN3010-08 Off White, Use a DSS Console and gain an add ional 48 buttons to support an attendant or answering position.

Part numbers that we sell, service and repair relating to the Mach I system include:

  • IN9015-71 24-Button Black LCD Display Phone
  • IN9014-71 12-Button Black LCD Display Phone
  • IN9013-71 24-Button Black Standard Non-Display Phone
  • IN9012-71 12-Button Black Standard Non-Display Phone
  • IN9011-71 8-Button Black Basic Non-Display Phone
  • IN9010-71 48-Button Black DSS Console
  • IN9015-08 24-Button Off-White LCD Display Phone
  • IN9014-08 12-Button Off-White LCD Display Phone
  • IN9013-08 24-Button Off-White Standard Non-Display Phone
  • IN9012-08 12-Button Off-White Standard Non-Display Phone
  • IN9011-08  8-Button Off-White Basic Non-Display Phone
  • IN9010-08 48-Button Off-White DSS Console

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