SWB Freedom FS246

Mode: SWBFS246-REF (Refurbished)

The Freedom Phone full-featured Key Service Unit with its advanced program control configuration allows the user to install the system easily without help of any specialist.

The FS 246 Key Service Unit (KSU) has immediate capability for two (2) outside lines and four (4) stations. The KSU can be easily expanded to handle up to six (6) outside lines and 16 stations by inserting optional cartridges.

More Information:

  • Variety of Service Features because of the advanced technology, the FS 246 provides various features with program control
  • High Reliability: The system is manufactured and tested under strict quality control standards established by Southwestern Bell Telecom-Freedom Phone
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Line expansion and additional special features can be easily provided by inserting optional cartridges

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