Samsung Prostar 816 Key Phone

Works only on the Samsung Prostar 816, 816 Plus, 1224, and 56ex/120 systems

*Available in Black and Almond 

Part Numbers: PS8 KTS A , PS8 KTS B

Model: 816 KEYSET

Power at your Fingertips – Optional features on most telephones come standard on the Prostar 816 Plus. Every 816 model comes with a built-in speakerphone, eight line keys and sixteen Direct Station Selection keys with busy lamp indications for all stations. These dual function keys also provide sixteen personal speed dial buttons.

408/612/816 Hybrid Key Telephone System – Samsung’s Prostar is a small business phone system with big system features. Right out of the box the Prostar comes ready to use and fully equiped for 4 outside lines and 8 stations. Simply set a few switches and stations 7 and 8 are ready for use with standard telephone sets. No additional equipment is required.

Growth is quick and economical. Simply add one card to expand to 6 lines and 12 stations. Add a second card to reach the maximum of 8 lines and 16 stations. Mix and match expansion cards to accommodate combinations of C.O. Lines, Tie lines, Keysets, and Standard Telephones. For even more cost effective communications you can configure your Prostar system for as many as 10 single line telephones.

All stations, lines, and peripheral equipment connect to this compact wall mounted unit via modular connectors. Installation and service are quick and easy.

As an added benefit the KSU comes with 4 internal page zones and an external page output. Circuitry is provided for music on hold and background music through the keyset speakers.

For peace of mind Prostar gives you memory protection, and power failure transfer. If security is your concern Prostar features an optional door phone with door lock release.

An optional SMDR card may be installed to provide details of incoming and outgoing calls. Connecting a printer of call accounting machine will allow for collection of these records.

Sophisticated software features include:

  • Station Hunt Groups
  • DISA
  • Account Codes
  • Conferencing
  • Station Messaging
  • Off Hook Call Alert
  • Ring Over Page
  • Unlisted Speed Dial Numbers
  • Busy Number Redial
  • Directory Names
  • Toll Restriction
  • Programmable Timers
  • Group Listening

Flexibility of Standard Telephone Connections

For simple voice communications, use a variety of single line telephone instruments and novelty sets.

Connect your fax machine to one of these stations to send and receive faxes over any line in the Prostar system. Enhance call handling by directing incoming calls to an answering machine, auto attendant or voice mail system.

These standard telephone connections can also be used to transmit and receive data when used with credit card machines and modems.

Use traditional Tip and Ring connections to activate audio/visual devices like loud bells, lights, buzzers, control relays, and more.

There is absolutely no substitute for the versatility of the standard phone connection.

Powerful Keysets

Optional features on most telephones are standard equipment with Prostar.  Every keyset telephone comes with a built in speakerphone, 16 Direct Station Selection (DSS) buttons and Busy Lamp Indications (BLF) for all stations.

Dual colored lights for easy C.O. line identification, 16 personal speed dial buttons and 12 fixed feature keys make every day call handling a piece of cake.

Included are such conveniences as built in wall mount bracket, long cords, and seperate volume controls for ringer, speaker, and handset. Connecting a headset is simple and no additional hardware is required.

You may choose either a display or non display keyset. The display keyset features a large sixteen character easy to read LCD that provides helpful information. Both models are available in either a glossy almond finish or the hi-tech matte black look.

Never before has a business telephone offered so much for so little.

System Features
Account Code Entry
All Call Voice Page
Any Station Programming
Attention Tone
Automatic Hold
Automatic Recall
Background Music
Battery Backup (Memory)
Battery Backup (System)
Batteries Not Included
Call Forwarding (Trunk to Trunk)
Call Pickup
Call Waiting (Camp-on)
Centrex Compatible
Chain Dialog
Classes of Service
Common Bell Control
Add on (S-Party)
Data Security
Database Printout
Day/Night Ring Assignments
DIL Inward System Access (DISA)
Directory Names (Line & Station)Distinctive Ringing
Door Lock Release (2)
Door Phone/Room Monitor (2)
E&M Tie Lines
Enable or Disable CO Line
Executive Barge-in (Override)
External Music Interface
Fax Capability
Flexible Button Assignment
Flexible Ringing Assignment
Hold Recall to Operator
Hot Line Incoming Call Distribution
Incoming/Outgoing Service
Individual Line Access
Internal Page (3 Zones)
Line Restriction
Live System Programming (2 Levels)
Loud Bell Control
Meet Me Answer
Message Waiting Indications
Modular Connections
Music on Hold
Night Mode Class of Service
Non-Private Lines/1A2 Operation
Off-Hook Call Alert
Off Premise Extension (OPX)
Outgoing Call Restriction
Power Failure Transfer
Private Line Assignment
Programmable Timers
Recall Identification
Remote Programming
Ring Generator Ring Over Page
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Speed Dialing (System)
Station Hunt Groups (3)
Toll Restriction
Toll Restriction Override
Tone or Pulse Dialing
Transfer with Camp-on
Traveling Class of Service
Truck Groups
Unlisted Speed Dial Numbers
Voice Mail Integration (StarmaiL)
Station Features
Appointment Reminder
Attendant Answer
Auto Answer
Automatic Privacy
Automatic Redial of a Busy Number Boss/Secretary Hot Line
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Call Forward
All Calls
Call Pickup
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
Directory Tray
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Door Lock Release
Exclusive Hold
Group Listen
Handset Volume Control
Headset Operation
Hearing Aid Compatible Last Number Redial
Line Queing with Callback
Line Skipping
Message Waiting Light
Microphone Mute
On-Hook Dialing
PBX Feature Buttons
Prime Line Selection
Pulse to Tone Changeover
Ringer Volume Control
Ringing Line Preference
Save Number Redial
Single Line Connections
Soft Key Programming
Speaker Volume Control
Speed Dial Buttons
Station Callback
Strain Relief Channels
Tri-Colored Lights
Wall-Mountable Keysets
Display Features
Call Duration Timer
Call Processing Information
Calling Party Name
Calling Party Station Number
Conference Identification
Date and Time
Display Account Codes
Displayed Dialed Number
Display Message Waiting Number Enhanced Station Programming Identification Recalls
identification of Transferred Calls
Outside Line Identification
Override Identification
Programmable Station Messages
Stopwatch Timer
Unlisted Speed Dial Numbers

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