Samsung Prostar 1224

*Available in Black or Almond

1224 gives your business the flexibility it needs. The basic Prostar 1224 key system unit comes equipped for six lines and twelve stations. The last four stations can be installed as electronic key sets or single line telephones. When your business outgrows the six/twelve configuration expand your system using two-line by four-station expansion cards. Add up to three of these for maximum system capability of twelve C.O. lines and twenty-four stations. The 1224 system supports four keyset models, add-on modules and up to sixteen single-line phones to further enhance the system’s flexibility.

Expansion Beyond 1224

When you outgrow the 1224, you can seamlessly upgrade to our 56ex/120mx. Your keysets, add-on modules and standard telephones will transfer to your new system without a hitch. In fact, the transition is so transparent, you even get to keep your extension numbers and access codes.


Samsung’s proprietary StarmaiL is specially designed to work hand in hand with the Prostar 1224. Installation is simple and quick. An automatic setup program instantly provides access to full range of features such as: call forwarding to mailbox, one-touch message retrieval and group message notification. This tight integration eliminates unnecessary dialing and makes voice processing hassle-free.

Businesses requiring automatic attendant and voice mail will appreciate how smoothly Prostar works with this equipment. Interface your favorite system utilizing Prostar’s comprehensive inband DTMF signaling package.

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