Partner MLS 18 Phone

Product Code: AVPARMLS18-BLK-REF


  • Provides feature buttons for 16 outside line, or programmable features such as Do Not Disturb and Auto Dial numbers
  • Feature Button to simplify programming and access features Hold, Drop, Conference, Transfer, and two Intercom buttons
  • Auxiliary Port allows quick connection of peripheral equipment, such as fax or answering machines
  • Volume Control lets you increase or decrease the volume of the ringer, speaker, or handset
  • Full duplex speakerphone for hands free operation
  • Quick reference pull-out tray
  • Built-in port allows for connection of standard devices, such as modems or fax machines
  • Compatible with All Releases of Partner ACS, Partner 3.0 and above, Partner Plus 3.0 and above, and Partner II 3.0 and higher
  • Can be used for system and centralized telephone programming on Partner Plus, Partner II, Partner ACS or Partner Endeavor systems only

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