NEC SL1100


Why Choose the SL1100?

The SL1100 is a unique platform that is the ideal solution for any small business. The SL1100 makes your team more reachable, more responsive and more productive.

Value for Money

  • Powerful communicaitons with a small business price tag.
  • Only pay for what you need, with an entirely scalable solution.
  • Lower running costs considerably by making smarter use of your communications.

Easy to use

  • Intuitive Features that the whole team can use.
  • Handsets and applications include shortcuts that speed up the working processes.
  • Time-saving applications empower your team to become more productive.

Lean and Green

  • Energy efficient mode, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Built-in conferencing for a greener approach to business meetings.
  • A range of home working options to help lower fuel emissions.

Keep them connected

  • Use your mobile to stay contactable on your office number, from anywhere.
  • DECT wireless communications from anywhere on the premises.
  • Never miss a thing, with enhanced voice mail to keep you up to date.

Stay Connected on the move

“Maximize the reachability of your team”

Remain contactable on the same number wherever you are.

Mobile Extension – Be in when you’re out

With a mobile extension, you can carry your office number with you when you’re on the road. With access to the system features such as caller ID, call transfer and voicemail. It really is like being in the office, whether you’re travelling, on leave or stuck in traffic.

Never miss a sales call

Salespeople can use Mobile Extension to ensure that even when they’re on the road, they never miss out on a call which could lead to a lucrative business opportunity.

Get more out of your team

Company specialists can now be empowered to maintain high service standards when out of the office, helping you make the most of your most valuable members of staff.

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