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National Telesystems is widely regarded as the top Vodavi parts and service company in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Here are just a few reasons why:

  • More Vodavi telephone system installations in Dallas Fort Worth than all of the other local dealers combined
  • More certified Vodavi telephone system technicians in Dallas Fort Worth than all of the other local dealers combined
  • Larger inventory of service stock and parts in our local warehouse than all of the other local dealers combined
  • Winner of the President’s Club Award year after year, an honor bestowed only on the “Elite of the Elite” dealers nationwide

When Dallas Fort Worth companies need service or parts for their Vodavi telephone system, the best solution is always “Call National Telesystems”.

About The Company

Founded in 1983, Vodavi became a leading OEM of telephone systems during the 1980s. They manufactured telephone systems sold by industry giants such as Siemens, Sprint, Executone, and GTE. Though regarded as some of the best telephone systems on the market, few people outside the industry knew of them because their products were private labelled. That changed when they introduced their STS and XTS product lines in the early 2000s. Sold under the Vodavi name, those telephone systems took the industry by storm. The Starplus and Infinite telephones were industry leaders in both style and function, and their advanced features were previously found only in much more expensive systems. However, what made them tower above the rest is that they worked… and worked… and kept working. A large number of these telephone systems function at a high level even after ten to twenty years in the field.

Servicing Discontinued Product Lines

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Vodavi remained a market leader until 2007 when Vertical Communications acquired them.  Some telephone companies see these aging systems as a reason in itself to convince businesses to replace them with either a more advanced telephone system or even hosted services.  Often trying to scare companies using Vodavi systems with statements like “It will not last much longer” and “You cannot get parts anymore”, to this, National Telesystems says – “Hogwash!”.  If you are happy with your existing system and it fits your needs, there is no reason to replace it.  Sure, we want to sell new systems as much as the next guy.  However, that is not the way we do business, and it never will be the way we do business.  National Telesystems will gladly provide service and parts for as long as your system fits your needs.

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Whether it is additional telephones, replacement parts, or programming you need on your Vodavi system, National Telesystems can handle it.  We will be there when you need us.  Please just fill out the form above or call us.  We will have a trained technician available to meet all of your service needs.  We look forward to working with you!

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