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Norstar Service Experts

For years, Dallas Fort Worth businesses have known where to turn for service and parts for their Norstar  phone system – National Telesystems.  NTI has serviced and supported Norstar systems for over 30 years. Businesses across the DFW area know they can trust the technical expertise of NTI’s team of Norstar veteran techs. Experienced on a full range of Norstar systems, NTI provides a level of service above other companies that try to service Norstar systems. Whether it involves programming on a Norstar system, adding a phone, or moving an entire system to another location, NTI is the company that DFW businesses rely on to do it right.

Fully Stocked in Norstar Parts

One huge advantage NTI has when servicing businesses with Norstar telephone systems is a fully stocked local warehouse.  Other Norstar service companies often have to order parts from out of state to take care of their customer’s service needs, even in emergencies. The business has to wait until the parts arrive, usually having to absorb not only the service call but any necessary expedited shipping costs.  Not with National Telesystems!  National Telesystems has hundreds of Norstar telephones and complete systems in local warehouses.  Our customers do not have to wait days for parts – we take care of their service needs fast. And being in an area known for major storms, DFW companies realize their offices are prone to power surges and lightning strikes.  Businesses cannot operate with their telephone systems being down for long periods of time.  National Telesystems’ customers with Norstar systems do not have to worry about that.

When Dallas Fort Worth companies need service or parts for their Norstar telephone system, the best solution is always “Call National Telesystems”.

About Nortel

An industry leader for years, Nortel was known for its quality telephone systems.  However, Nortel experienced financial troubles that eventually led to liquidation bankruptcy in 2011.  Avaya bought some of Nortel’s assets out of bankruptcy; however, in 2016, Avaya also filed for bankruptcy, leaving the telephone product lines in limbo.

Servicing Discontinued Product Lines

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Nortel remained a market leader until 2011 when Avaya acquired some of their assets out of bankruptcy.  Avaya’s bankruptcy in 2016 followed, leaving a potential void in Norstar parts availability. Some telephone companies are trying to take advantage of this situation.  These companies are often trying to scare businesses using Norstar systems with statements like “It will not last much longer” and “You cannot get parts anymore”.  National Telesystems’ customers know they do not have to worry about that.  If you are happy with your existing system and it fits your needs, there is no reason to replace it.  Sure, we want to sell new systems as much as the next guy.  However, that is not the way we do business, and it never will be the way we do business.  National Telesystems will gladly provide service and parts for as long as your system fits your needs.

Call National Telesystems for your Norstar Needs

Whether it is additional telephones, replacement parts, or programming you need on your Norstar system, National Telesystems can handle it.  We will be there when you need us.  Please just fill out the form above or call us.  We will have a trained technician available to meet all of your service needs.  We look forward to working with you!

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