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The i-Series ISDN compatible office communication systems from NEC are ready today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Unique multiple-processor architecture, enhanced with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, provides a solid yet flexible foundation for reliability, adaptability and performance. With the ability for extensions to have three 64K channels, the i-Series is poised to integrate with the growing worldwide voice and data network.

The unparalleled power and flexibility built into each system are further enhanced by the i-Series generation of telephones. These telephones offer interactive Soft Keys, built-in Speakerphone, and an integrated wall/desk stand. In addition, i-Series telephones can accept optional snap-in modules: a DCI-L Analog Module (to directly connect modems, cordless telephones, single line sets or fax machines), a Data Module (for CTI applications), or an Off-Hook Voice Announce Module.

The i-Series is built in our ISO 9002 approved manufacturing facilities to uphold the legendary NEC reliability standards. Port-based design, single pair wiring and modular components allow for easy expansion. Perfect for the small growing office, 28i has 28 ports and provides up to a maximum of 16 trunks or 20 extensions. The 124i can grow to a 124 port, 52 trunk by 72 station full-featured system. The 704i can expand to a 512 hardware port, 192 trunk by 512 station communications network.

The i-Series offers an expansive set of features, easily tailored for every user, that are powerful enough to meet the new millennium’s most demanding application challenges:

  • ISDN BRI and PRI compatibility
  • Multiple T1 capability
  • Built-in Automatic CallDistribution (ACD) to equally distribute the work load among member agents:
  • Call Queuing with programmable Overflow Announcements
  • System and Group Supervisors
  • Automatic agent Rest Mode andWork Time
  • Flexible group scheduling
  • Optional PC-based Supervisorwith Reports
  • Caller ID for advance identification of your incoming caller
  • With NVM-Series, the industry’sfinest integrated Voice Mail:
  • Return Call with Caller ID
  • Answering Machine Emulation
  • Message Center Keys
  • Conversation Record
  • Park and Page
  • One touch mailbox access,Transfer and Call Forwarding
  • Windows® based PC Attendant Console Position
  • Intersystem networking
  • Interactive two and eight-line Digital Display Telephones
  • TAPI compatibility puts i-Series onthe cutting edge of today’s CTI andoffice automation
  • Platform for wireless technologyusing the 900i or Traveler telephones
  • Automatic Route Selection letsyou tailor call routing to your own needs, and easily modify the routing as services change
  • Open Architecture Interface (OAI) for third party application development
  • Repeat Dialing of busy numbers
  • Dual red/green LEDs on all multi-button telephones
  • Analog and Digital Single Line Telephones for PBX-type operation
  • One-button access to most com-monly used features
  • Voice Over and Reverse Voice Over for discrete announcing of critical information
  • Built-in Hotel/Motel featurepackage with optional NVM-Series and PMS Integration
  • Windows®-based PCProgramming software

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